Friday, July 27, 2012

They made it!

Nanaw and Papa safely touched down in Italia on Wednesday morning. While their flight was running 30 minutes late, myself and B patiently waited and waited and when I finally saw them I don't think I could have been more excited. We immediately went for the van, hopped in and headed back to Post so we could pick up the kids {who I had put in hourly care so they wouldn't be whiny and crazy at the airport}. The kids didn't know we were picking up the grandparents, they just knew we were ''running special errands''. We had Nanaw and Papa come into daycare so we could surprise them.  I think we really caught the kids off guard as it was naptime so we had four very tired, very confused kids who were definitely excited but more or less confused at the whole situation. But no one cried, snuggles were exchanged and shortly there was nothing but laughter!
We returned home, and let them get settled. Watched a bit of Dispicable Me! and then headed out to dinner...


Thursday and Friday were spent around our home. We went out to lunch and dinner, took them to the mall and on Post. Our goal was to let the jet-lag wear off while B had to work Thursday and Friday. Now it's the weekend and we are ready to go!go!go!

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  1. What a beautiful sight--all of you together! Have a blast!


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