Monday, July 2, 2012

Sagra fun

Last weekend we went to our very first Italian Sagra. A Sagra is a local fair. All the tiny towns near us are having them and it seems like each one lasts about 5 days. Starting on a Thursday and going through the following Tuesday, ending with a firework show on Tuesday night. Our little comune had theirs last week and we attended. The kids had a blast!

I will say that it didn't start out the greatest, I thought "hey, we should just walk there it's not to far and then we don't have to worry about parking''. Well, the kids decided to whine the whole way there. And it was farther than I thought...when I got home and googled it, it was actually a mile each way. In 90 degree heat. Whoops!
 Once we got there though, they suddenly had energy!


We stayed about an hour. That might not seem like a long time but each ride was €1.50, or almost $2, per kid. That's almost $8 for each ride! Factor in the gelato and Coca-Cola...They were definitely making money off the Americani's that night! And as tired as they were, the walk home was gorgeous!

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  1. Hi Shannon, your post link ended up in my mailbox as I have google alerts set at anything to do with "sagra". LOVE sagre, feste, and whatever italians love to celebrate. So nice to see an american family here enjoying Italy's wonders, but I give you credit for walking in 90°F heat! That's about the only thing I won't do for a sagra. When it gets hot, I chill indoors (and where are the rainclouds/storms that the weather man reported for?!!).

    Rowena@Rubber Slippers In Italy


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