Monday, June 4, 2012

A different kind of 'sick'

The kids are sick, still. Like 'ear infections, inhaler is necessary, motrin every six hours' sick. It's getting better but Sissy has the worst of it now.

They are doing well considering that they've been passing this crud back and forth to each other for almost 3 weeks now. Each day is different. Who feels 'blah' or who feels better, if they wake up all night and sleep all day or sleep all night and wake at 5:22am. It's been a rough week to say the least! I feel bad for the kids but thankful that neither B nor I seem to be any worse for the wear, other than tired.

I however, I am homesick.

We've lived in Italy for almost six months now and I have done extremely well. I never went through a ''Oh My God what did we just agree to'' phase. I have never broke down and cried and wished we were home. I miss my family and friends sure, but not a ''i cannot go on living here'' sort of way. In all honesty it's the ''little'' stuff I miss {not including family}. The tiny day to day things that  And while I do miss my family, with Skype and Facebook, it's much easier to stay in touch. Plus that buffer year in Texas made it a little bit more manageable. It's been a while since I could jump in the car and see 4 different extended family members in less than one hour...that hasn't changed. Rather than driving for 15 hours, I'd be flying for 14.

I'll list everything I miss...

  • I miss the convenience of the ''Drive Thru''. At banks, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacies...when you have four kids in the car it's a pretty much guarantee that one will be asleep. And I hate having to make that one up to go inside for something trivial. 
  • Fountain drinks and ice cubes. If you get a soda here you get a can or a bottle. No fountain tap and no ice cubes. Usually no straw either.
  • Big two lane roads. A few weeks ago I side-swiped my van on a guardrail, deliberately. When the other option is getting side swiped by a tractor with a plow and you're on a very narrow, curvy overpass/bridge...the guardrail looked like the better choice. 
  • A wide variety of food. I love Italian food don't get me wrong but that or the food on post is our only choice. {I didn't eat Burger King or Taco Bell stateside, so I'm not about to fall in love now}. I miss choosing between Mexican food or Chinese. Taco Cabana or Five Guys. I would seriously pay an un-Godly amount of money for a ''real'' cheeseburger right about now. 
  • Pick up the phone and calling anyone I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. Now I'm dealing with a SEVEN hour time difference...whether I have good news or bad news, I have to wait. 
  • Putting the kids to bed and then heading to Kohl's/Target/Ross/Walmart/Starbucks/ a million other places because everything was open ''late''. All the stores here close 8pm. Makes for a loooong evening. I miss the convenience of running to a store at 11pm when I ''had'' to have something. No such luck now!
 Italy is great and sometime I'll have to make a list of everything I love but today, I just wish I could drive through a Starbucks!


  1. We spent a couple of weeks in Kansas this spring and have went through the same thing on a mini scale. Some days I'd trade my car for a large Sonic cherry lemonade (complete with Sonic's perfect ice)! Sending hugs to you! The idea of living in Italy verses the reality is so much different. Hope your day gets better! Peggy (from PCS Italy)

  2. Everyday when I get my son from the bus stop I wish we could drive thru a sonic afterward and get a Happy Hour drink! It's so humid and a cherry limeade or a fruit slush would be amazing! Gelato is great but it's not the same.

  3. I have moments just like this. I have had a few times where I've really missed my family... but I do miss being able to find the item I want when I want it (and to have variety... in size, in color). I never thought I'd say this with all the amazing treats available to us, but I would do anything for a blizzard from Dairy Queen... and for some real Mexican food. Amen sister!

  4. I went through the same thing. If you stay long enough you'll be annoyed when you visit the States ... happens to us each summer. Too much ice, wine too expensive, no Prosecco!, no good coffee, too much AC, no really good cheese, yucky olive oil, TOO MANY CHOICES! ... I can continue, but I think you likely get the point. Hang in there! You'll get over the hump before you know it.


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