Monday, June 4, 2012

20 Months Old!

Sissy today we took your TWENTY month photos. It seems impossible that in just four more monthly pictures, you'll be two years old. This is probably by far, my favorite stage. You're still super cuddly and curious but you're also much more independent. You can entertain yourself and love to explore. At 20 months old you...

  • are going up and down stairs without holding on to anyone or anything. You can even carry something up and down with you.
  • finally have molars! All your 'one year molars' are all the way though the gums. It took awhile but you sure seem to feel better. 
  • are still nursing, no shocker there!
  • love to color. You even hold your crayon/pen/marker correctly, in your right hand. 
  • go to daycare for a couple hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It's a chance for Mommy to run errands and get a break but also a wonderful chance for you to learn to trust and listen to other adults, interact and play with other kids (or 'babies' as you call them) and follow a routine outside of our home. You have learned so much and have a lot of fun. When I drop you off, you wave and say ''Bye Mom! See you yater!" 
  • (learned at daycare) how to clear your own plate after meals. I mean you scrape the food into the compost bag and then push your plate into the sink. (Can you teach Pooks this!?).
  • love to wash your hands and get baths. 
  • can say all of your brothers names, though ''BraBRA!'' is your go-to.
  • love the Backyardigan's. You say ''Pablo'' all the time
  • weigh almost 21lbs, wear a size 4 diaper (when we put you in disposables), a size 5 shoe and 12-18mos clothing. You would go barefoot all the time if we let you!
Other than a few temper tantrums, you are a very well behaved little girl. You're shy at first but warm up quickly. You are finally sitting in the shopping cart/stroller again so that's been much more pleasant. Overall, you are a gem :)

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