Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sirmione, Italy {Mother's Day Weekend}

So this is very belated, but I was busy all week planning a party. So now that I have some time (the little kids and B are napping, the big kids are watching Back To The Future and I have five minutes to myself) I figured I better get this blogged about before I forget.

Last week, I had the best Mother's Day ever. But Saturday before Mother's Day was pretty awesome too. B had gone to Lake Garda for an ''Organizational Day'' with his work people....he loved it, thought that the kids and I would too so we went. I was not disappointed! Though I will fully admit to protesting even going. I'm not a ''lake'' person. I was convinced I would hate it. I'm glad B made me go regardless and it was beautiful!

It is a tourist town and as such, it caters to German's and most people and places, speak English. That was a happy 'plus' though I really want to go back on say, a Wednesday and really see the town.



 For dinner we stopped at this restaurant that specialized in local "Seafood", ie fish that was caught in Lake Garda. I hate fish but B loves it and I saw where they also had Lasagne (my favorite!) so I was excited to try it out. Plus it was completely adorable. Outside seating, twinkling ''Quaint Italian Restaurant'' vibe.
Now the kids had took not even 10 minutes and they had their food. Within 3 minutes of that, B's fish platter arrived and the waitress told me that my lasagne was almost done.
 Another 5 and I was getting antsy. Five minutes after that and it was finally here.
Now Lasagne is a food that doesn't photograph well but let me just say that it was ah-mazing. Hands down, no competition the best lasagne I have ever had. Like, looking at the picture again makes me want to drive back to Lake Garda just to eat this. Seriously. Pooks and Sissy were the only kids who wanted to taste and Pooks was ''tasting'' a lot. In less than 10 minutes after receiving it, my dish looked like this:
I was stuffed but if they had accidentally brought me another dish, I would have forced myself to eat it. Seriously.

After dinner we made our way back the van. Our parking meter was running out soon and we still had an hour drive back home. I definitely plan on going back soon though! The water was still pretty chilly and from what I understand it never gets ''hot'' because the lake is a result of run off water from the mountains. But I'm excited to make it back and find out!

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