Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pookie Says...Volume 4

Aww, my sweet little Pookie. He may get older (can you even believe that he'll be five years old in 9 days!?) but he still says the greatest things...
"Mom, how come all my brothers and my baby sister have Chinese eyes and I don't? I know dat they aren't Chinese but dat's what their eyes yook like. Why Mom? And my eyes not yook like that, my eyes yook like yous." 
"I know I should be tired Mom but my brain just doesn't feel tired"
 "Let me think...{taps finger on temple}....UGH! I just don't remember anymore mom!"
"I can't go to sleep. I try and try but I just can't remember how."
"Hey! Hey! Hey! Um, I got an idea..."
"Mom, how come I'm allergic to cats like you. And you have my birthday. And I gots curly hair like you?? Why do you have to SHARE EVERYTHING WITH ME?! I don't want a birthday buddy! And I don't want curly hair. But I don't like cats so I don't even care if I'm allergic to them. Am I allergic to dogs?" 

To be continued, I'm sure. Pooks I love you and your unique way of thinking and talking. 

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