Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's that time again...


Sissy you are now even closer to turning two years old! Nineteen almost seems impossible. One year ago today you looked like this:

You have changed so no longer look like a baby but now, a little girl. You are truly acting and looking like a toddler. Granted you haven't grown much...the onesie in your seven month still fit in that but you are growing. You're healthy and happy. You are talking a little bit more each day. You are running and jumping and a ball of energy.

At NINETEEN months you are...

  • tipping the scales at 20.8lbs. You have gotten taller for sure because your jeans are all too shorts on you but I don't remember your measurement (it was in centimeters).
  • speaking clearer each day. You love to say ''I don't know", "Peek a boo" and peoples names. I love the way you say "Logan" and "Delilah", the best. You also like to yell ''BOYS" and "Wascal!" 
  • now randomly come running up to me, say ''Hi Mom!" then ''Up!" then once I lift you up say ''i-wove-you" and give me a kiss. You've always been affectionate but it's fun to see you initiating it. 
  • really getting into playing with toys. You love playing with Mega Blocks, any book, your Leapfrog Explorer and your baby/stroller. You also don't hesitate to crawl around the house pushing a car saying ''vrrroom, vrrrooom" with your brothers. 
  • still nap, once a day in the afternoons. You are also sleeping all night in your room, in your crib without waking
  • of course, you're still nursing. I don't see you giving up the boob anytime soon. It's only at home and usually only when sleepy.
  • have more teeth! You have your four front and bottom teeth, all four molars and two upper canine teeth. 
  • now sit at the table with no booster seat, no high chair. You insist on sitting like everyone else. It's a bit messy sometimes but mostly you do extremely well. You use your silverware and napkin, you drink from an open mouth cup and are very proud of yourself for doing so. 
  • doing much better with your separation anxiety. I have been taking you to hourly daycare on post for 3-4 hours a week and while you always cry when I leave, you stop crying very quickly. Your teachers say that you behave well and are a great eater. 
  • finally fit into a size 5 shoe without it constantly slipping off. Your feet smell horrible though, so we usually let you go barefoot anywhere we can!
  • sitting much better for these monthly photos. You say ''cheese'' and let me take quite a few before giving up!

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