Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best. Mother's Day. EVER!!

Seriously, this Mother's Day was the best! It started off on Saturday with a trip to Lake Garda:
The place was gorgeous and I'll be sharing more photos later.

That evening, B worked with the kids and made me an amazing mixed media (oil and acrylic painting) canvas and on Sunday I was lucky enough to receive it. It turned out great!! It was intended to be a family tree with the kids' hand prints as leaves and yes, they went a little wild and apparently didn't listen to Daddy but I think it makes me love it just a little bit more:

So obviously, I have a house full of wonderful artists. And not to be outdone by his Dad (not really, but it sounds good!) Bubba also made me a painting at school. They learned all about Van Gogh, so he painted me Van Gogh's Sunflowers. The card really sealed the deal though! How adorable is that handprint and note!?
So I got to sleep in on Sunday, wake up to all these great thoughtful hand-made gifts, then B made me brunch. After brunch, B cleaned the entire kitchen then we took a nap....a long full family nap until almost 4:30pm! Once we all got up and were no longer grumpy, B went and picked up pizza. Again...mommy didn't have to cook or clean, so it was wonderful! It was the pefect, lazy day. Got to relax and snuggle with the kiddos all day. I didn't even wear a bra, lol! Like I said, it was perfect :)

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  1. LOVE the artwork... esp the one made by dad and the kids :) And looking forward to the pics from Garda...we love the Riva area on the northern side of the lake.


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