Monday, April 16, 2012

We're back from Tuscany!!

I was right, Tuscany was just as amazing as I thought it would be! It rained most of the time, and it was STILL wonderful
I have a lot of photos. A lot. Like 140 that I edited and deemed worthy of sharing. We stayed at a little Villa that was in the heart of Tuscany; about 22km from Florence. While there we went to Florence, Pisa, and Lucca as well as the tiny towns of Montelupo and Montespertoli. We drank wine, ate amazing food (best bruschetta of my life!), relaxed, slept in everyday and really just enjoyed the break from ''regular life''. I'm gonna have to split the trip into different posts. So here are scenic views from our Villa as well as Easter.

This is the apartment that we stayed in
....the place where we stayed, Podere Casanova, was the best! They have five different apartments and it's ran by two sisters. Lisa and Lara. Lisa thought the Ginestra apartment (video tour here) would be a perfect fit for us and she couldn't have been more right! Not only was it extremely reasonable, but they were more than accommodating to our little ones. They put in a bunk bed so Bubba and Pooks shared that, peanut had a single bed next to them, B and I shared a queen and Sissy had an oversized 'baby cot'. They had no problem with us bringing Rascal and our apartment was attached to the laundry room so we didn't have to overpack or schlep dirty clothes halfway across the property.

 They even have a small playground for the kids. This is the view  I got to admire while they played:
 Rough life, right? Ha! We went ''into town'' for dinner one night and we were not disappointed. Look at how cute Montelupo is:
Completely adorable, right??

The first night there, was the night before Easter so of course, the Easter Bunny still came and brought the kids' baskets. They were thrilled that the Easter bunny found them and that he brought American and Italian candy. (really it was German but to small children they just knew it wasn't American).

Mmmm...Kinder Eggs!
Sissy went straight for the M&M's
 So after they went through their baskets, we ran over to our friends apartment to see if they were ready for the egg hunt!
 The views from their apartment were amazing!
 And the egg hunt...

 The boys were very excited for Peanut, who found the **BONUS** egg with $5 in it! (courtesy of Nanaw)

On Easter we hung around Podere Casanova. A nearby restaurant was open so we had a fine Easter dinner of tortellini a ragu, spagetti a pomodoro, pizza and risotto with lots (and lots) of vino. We finalized our plans for Monday...we were going to Florence!

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  1. I am copying your trip this spring break! Can't wait! Your posts have been so helpful in our move here! -Margie


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