Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuscany Day 6: The walled town of Lucca

Our last full day in Tuscany we went to Lucca. Tourism wise, Lucca is barely a bleep on the radar. It doesn't have a tower, it isn't know for it's Renaissance or huge Cathedral. What Lucca has is charm. It's adorable. It is an old Roman city (think 180 BC) and one of the few Italian walled city whose wall is still fully intact. It's now used for pedestrians, bicyclists and leisure. The ''thing'' to do in Lucca is ride bikes along the wall, which goes around the entire city. We did that (on an 8 person bike, no less) then wandered around the small town. I loved it. I think out of all of our stops, Lucca was my favorite.

No I'm not pregnant, this maternity jacket was in the stow-n-go of our van and it was chilly. I will never wear this coat again!
This is all ON TOP of the wall.
The little kids loved the basket.
And the big kids loved the back...right up until Bubba got motion sickness and vomited. He was fine, he just told us to slow down!

 We got to see some amazing views from those walls....
After the bike ride (it took a little less than an hour to bike around the entire city and this was stopping several times) we walked around Lucca.

An Italian treat that we bought at a crepe stand...it was basically a huge sugar covered donut. Delicious!
And that, was our Tuscan vacation. Whew! Pretty impressive, right!?

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