Saturday, April 14, 2012

18 Month Milestone!

 Sissy you are officially a year and a half old! You are at that age where you are truly a little person rather than just a ''baby''. You are starting to talk more and more, though I don't know if anyone else besides us could really understand you. At 18 months you....

  • weigh 20.5lbs by the doctors scale. While this is a big deal to us, percentile wise you still aren't even on the charts. You petite thing you! There is no cause for concern developmentally or anything, you're just a healthy petite little girl. 
  • we made the switch to cloth diapers. You have eczema, Italy has crazy recycling laws and we decided that it would be best. So far, so good and your skin looks great! You also notice (and let us know) when you're dirty so I hope it makes potty training easier.
  • still nurse. I don't see us stopping anytime soon. First thing in the morning, once in the afternoon/early evening and then again before bed. 
  • are stringing together words to make sentences. "Where's Mom?" and "I don't know" are pretty popular right now.
  • you can now climb up on, well everything. Chairs, sofa, your carseat, the kitchen table. Climbing is pretty much all you want to do and we avoid it at all cost!
  • finally grew a little and now wear a size 5 shoe. 
  • have attached yourself to a stuffed Monkey whom you call ''Mo-Mo". You sleep with it every night and pretty much drag it everywhere that I will let you. 

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