Monday, March 19, 2012

Who knows how to make a monster dance party??

I know it's been over a week with no new post. We're still here, still having fun and enjoying Italy! We've just been super busy. Next week Bubba turns six (on the 28th) but this weekend is his party.  And I may be more excited than he his since he chose a ''monster'' theme! And because I like to do as much as possible homemade, well it keeps me even busier than usual. I've been using my phone during the day and pinning ideas on Pinterest, then using the evenings to make those things. While I'm not ready to share any sneak peeks yet, I thought I would share the birthday boys pinterest board:
 *Bonus points if you can figure out what show (without googling!) the title of this post came from :)


  1. Wonderful pictures and can't wait to see the finished results. You must post lots and lots of pictures ! Also just a little guess for the bonus question, Was it the Backyardigans ?
    A nanaw has to try and keep up with what little ones like ! lol

  2. I am throwing a Monster themed party for my nephew's first birthday next month! Super fun!


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