Monday, February 13, 2012

We're still here, I promise!

Geez I can't remember the last time that I took such a long break between posts. It's not only a new month but the new month is almost 1/2 way through! But I promise that we're all alive and well. We're getting settled into the house nicely but slowly. Our actual belongings won't be here until the 28th so we currently have beds, wardrobes, a couch and 2 chairs and a dining room table...that's everything. So we have a few random piles of things from the hotel, clothes in laundry baskets and I course, toys everywhere. Our unaccompanied belongings were delivered already so we do have a small tv and DVDs, toys for the kids, Rascal has his kennel, and thing d like towels and bedding, dishes and a few pots and pans. It's not much but even with do few of our things, it's immensely better than living in the hotel!

So far we also really enjoy our house and neighborhood. Initially it was cold in the 64 degrees was the warmest we could get it. Now the house is usually around 68 degrees with the living room being much warmer due to the fireplace. We *love* having a fireplace! The kids have done awesome with leaving it alone, not playing with it, etc. Even Sissy knows not to touch...she'll walk in front of it, put her hand out and say "haaaa" (hot) and shake her hand. Granted she's touched a couple of warm radiators and now understands just what hot is! (she is no way hurt or burnt herself. Just felt the warmth).

This week we also explored our neighborhood a bit. I walked into the local pizzeria and successfully ordered two pizzas, to go a cheese and one with ham(margherita and prosciutto). They were. Deliciously amazing! 2 pizzas and from the time I ordered to the time I left with pizzas in hand was maybe 7 minutes. Cooked in a wood-fire oven and so fresh. Real Italian pizza is completely different than US pizza. Yes both have crust, sauce and cheese but that's where the similarities stop. Authentic pizza has a super thin crust that tastes like fresh bread, a tiny amount of sauce...I mean sometimes you can barely even see it! Then it's topped with a ton of mozzarella. Not too much, but the perfect amount. At some point it's also drizzled in olive oil. No packets of parmesan, no choice of "hand tossed" or pan. Just good pizza at a fantastic price. Try €4 for a one topping pizza...or almost $5.00. I cant even buy a decent frozen pizza for that price! If you think I'm exaggerating just know that even B loves the pizza here. Like ate 1/2 one by himself, it's that good.

Speaking of delicious, last Thursday after picking bubba up from the bus stop we drove around our small little village and saw a Gelateria. Being the cool mom that I am, I treated the kids to some imprompt gelato. Ordering went okay, I think she was more surprised by the amount of kids I had than my bad Italian. But we got 4 vanilla with chocolate chips (stracchiata) and 1 strawberry (fragola). The kids loved it, the gelato was good and the total for 5 cups, with one big scoop each was €5 ($6.25). No complaints about that!

So far everyone has treated us very nicely. Some people complain about how rude the Italians are but we've only encountered that once, in the almost 2 months that we've been here. (by a fellow patron at a restaurant who was less than impressed by my kids best behavior). Both B and I are trying to learn Italian, which helps. We don't expect everyone to cater to us or to know English. I figure even my feeble attempt is better than no attempt at all! I may say "Ciao! Voglio ordinare due pizza per asporto" and it may be rough, but it's an attempt and it was enough to get us dinner.

Well that's about all I can type on my iPhone. We're (still) waiting for our Internet to be turned on so until then, arrivederci!

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