Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm blogging...from a computer...woohoo!

Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone, iPad and our old Dell laptop but it is wonderful to be blogging from a ''real'' computer. One that has all the letters on the keyboard (unlike the laptop that is missing 'c' and 't'). But the bigger part of being able to blog from our computer means, OUR STUFF MADE IT TO ITALY!!

*insert bigger WOOHOO!*

After 2 months and 1 week, we finally have our household goods. I've never been so excited and so thankful to see our crap. Real cups, soft couches and our bed is finally off the floor. (We bought a king sized mattress when we moved in to the house but had to wait for our goods to get here in order to have the bed frame). The kids have their beds in their own rooms and are sleeping much better already. Peanut is sleeping all night without waking, then waking up dry and going potty all by himself. It's a wonderful thing! Bubba and Pooks do still share a room but now their beds are bunked and they love that. Peanut has his own room (for the first time ever) complete with a 'transportation' theme and a new rug from Ikea. I think he really likes having his own space as he's often playing quietly alone after we tuck him in....and I usually just let him because really, who is he disturbing?

And of course, Sissy has her own room. The pink dresser finally looks at home! She has her changing table set up and we actual use it. Her crib is assembled and the mattress is set on the lowest setting. And this weekend, she's going to start actually sleeping in there.

This co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding mama is about to kick her out of our bed and into her room. I love co-sleeping and I love nursing but waking FOUR plus times a night because your 16.5 month old is trying to feed on you, is tiring. She doesn't care if I'm even awake! She is pulling on my shirt, crying and smacking...yes smacking me, trying to get to the boobs. She does not need to eat that often; heck she didn't eat that often when she was a NEWBORN. It's a total comfort thing and it's exhausting. Now that we're here she has her own room, with her own crib right down the hall. I still plan on nursing her before bed and when she wakes in the morning...but I do not intend to continue to be an all you can eat milk buffet, all night, for much longer. As in, this weekend we'll be trying the whole ''cry it out'' method...which I haven't used since bubba was a baby.

Why wait til the weekend? Well we're about 80% unpacked right now and I haven't found all the things for her room yet. I can't find her crib sheets which are kind of a priority. As well as the cutesy stuff I bought right before we moved. I figure I'll just pack up the bumpers and bed set that I made (ironic...the only kid I sew a bedset for and she's the only kid who never slept in/on it) and put up her toddler bedding. We're going with a woodland creature theme (think owls, mushrooms...kinda vintage). I managed to get the toddler bedding as well as the wall decals on clearance right before we moved. Then at Ikea a few weeks ago I found a shaggy green rug. The only thing I haven't found is a power cord for her lantern; I want a 200v one with the European plugs, so I'll have to look around and see what I can find.

My goal is to knock out the rest of the boxes and finish getting everything but the master done on Thursday, then the master bedroom on Friday. As of now the kids' beds and toys are unpacked but not their clothes/dressers. The bathrooms are unpacked but COMPLETELY unorganized so I gotta straighten up. On the bright side the living room, play room and kitchen are completely done which were the biggies. We've decided to use the upstairs room as the office/guest room. It's big enough that B has this computer set up on the one side, I'll set up my sewing machine on the other side and their is still plenty of room for the queen guest bed. I'm not setting up my craft area right away however because then priorities will get pushed aside for Pinterest crafts. The downstairs bedroom will be used for storage. Not my favorite idea but we don't really have a choice.

I love Italy but I don't know how Italians live without closets. If you think you read that wrong, I'll retype it: Italian homes do not have closets. As in, this house has none. In Texas we had a walk in master closet, a bathroom closet, a hall closet, a walk in pantry, a walk in closet in the boys' room and a good sized closet in the little kids room. Now we have none. None. Not so much as a medicine cabinet. We have 7 wardrobes (one per person plus one extra) but B is using the extra for his work clothes as they aren't very big and if it were to try to cram everything into his one wardrobe, everything would be super wrinkled. So what do we do with towels? Extra bedding? Toliet paper, paper towels and things like extra kleenex, dog food and the like? Well our solution is to put shelving in the downstairs bedroom and use it as a basement/pantry/overstock room. Realistically while it is a very pretty room, it's not all that practical. A) It's the only room downstairs. B) The radiator is currently not working so it is FREEZING. C) It has one outlet. Not one outlet cover with two outlets but just one outlet. 4 inches from the door.

So while our original intentions were to use it  for a guest room, I don't think that's gonna happen. Honestly I'm just thankful that we have that room to use because if we didn't, then we'd have to use the garage which means that both of our vehicles would be outside. (As of now, B's car fits in the garage with all the stuff from our last garage...with room to spare). My van probably wouldn't fit through the door, let alone with other boxes and toys.

So yeah, I'm a bit 'backblogged' but I'm trying to catch up! This week the weather has been absolutely amazing, temps in the 60's and so clear we can see the villages up in the mountains! We're this weekend to go to Soave (about 45 mins away) and take the kids to see the castle and (depending on their behavior and how much time we have) to Verona, the village where Romeo and Juliet takes place. Ciao!

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