Thursday, January 19, 2012

Local Markets...

This weekend we ventured out to the nearby town of Camisano to visit the market that comes in each week. We had heard wonderful things and since our swaggerwagon FINALLY arrived (never in my life did I imagine being so excited to see a minivan!) we headed over. We were not disappointed!

 The market has everything. Clothing, accessories, dollar store type items, purses, shoes, produce....oh the produce! It's amazing! The above pic of the strawberries...we got the entire flat for 4 euro...that's about $5! And they were the freshest, sweetest strawberries we had ever eaten. They were delicious! And the oranges are everywhere. We did not buy them simply because the quantities were too much. 3kg (7.5 lbs) for 4 Euro...amazing deal but we could not eat almost 8 pounds of oranges. You could buy a flat of pineapples...8 total for 3 euro. The kids (and B) were so excited about the strawberries (fragola in Italian) that they ate them on the spot.
please excuse the poor quality, i only had my iphone with me!
If you're in the area, be sure to check them out. And Peggy over at did a great write up on where the markets are each day. You can find that post here. I am so glad we have our van now. And I am super excited to go to the market where they sell antiques!

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  1. i spotted some "gucci" next to those strawberries! haha


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