Saturday, November 12, 2011

So I ask ''How many kids do you want when you grow up?"

Bubba responds: "10. I want ten kids."

Peanut says "I want a LOT." Well, how many is a lot? "Like TWO!"

As I turn to Pooks he says ''I want zero kids mom. Zero. None. Not any."
"Pookie, you don't want any kids? What if your wife wants kids?" I ask.
"I don't want any kids. I don't want a wife. I want just me.''
"Well won't you be lonely? Living all by yourself with no wife, no kids?"
"I not be by myself. I'm gonna live in our house with you and dad."
" you'll have a room in the basement?"
"No, I'm gonna live in my room, with my big kid bed and all my animals."
"Well if you're all grown up, you won't fit in your bed. You'll need a grown up bed. Pooks how come you don't want any kids? Don't you like having brothers and sisters?"
"I will too fit in my bed when I growed up. Daddy fits in my bed. And I want no wife in my bed. And no kids because I do not want to have to share my toys. I not sharing my toys with my kids. I not sharing my food with my kids. I want no kids. I just want Rascal and dat's it."
By now I am laughing out loud.
"Pooks when you're all grown up you won't have so many toys. And when you do have toys you don't have to share them with your kids. Daddy plays poker but you boys are not allowed to play with that stuff. Mom likes to sew and make things but you kids can't play with that. Besides you'll get to take your kids to the park and the zoo and play with their toys. I play with your toys all the time."
"No. I want no kids. I want my animals. I want my big kid bed. I want ALL my toys and I not share. I not getting married. I'm not having kids. I'm gonna live here forever!"

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  1. I just love that kid ! I don't like sharing my toys either ! lol


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