Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Elf...

is back. Tex showed up the Monday before Thanksgiving. While I didn't snap a pic that day, he brought with him the kids Christmas pajamas and Christmas books. This year he is much more mischievous this year. Last year he hung out on shelves, on top of the kitchen counters, a picture frame or two. This year, he is getting into everything and the kids LOVE it. As soon as they wake up they are off to find the elf.
Does it really help remind them to act nice and not naughty? Eh...depends on the kid and the day. But overall it helps make it feel like Christmas, which considering we aren't pulling out all our decorations, is nice. They enjoy the story and loved the 30 minute movie that aired last night. I like that it really brings out the imagination...wondering when Tex flies, where he'll be tomorrow, if he'll bring a much fun!
Updated:12-10-11 adding more photos...
Edited to add even more pics:

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  1. i love the elf on a shelf idea. i am totally doing that next year!


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