Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee!

So a few months ago, I discovered Pinterest. It's a virtual pin see something you like on another blog or website you ''Pin It" {like bookmarking} and it shows up on your pin boards. I have a button on the right hand column that says ''Follow me on Pinterest''. If you click that, you can see what I mean.

But, I digress.

I freaking love pinterest. Yes, it can be a major time suck but used wisely, it's also so informative! I started out using it as a means of bookmarking things for Sissy' birthday party. I used a bunch of those ideas {circle garland, pennant birthday sign, rainbow themed} at her party so it was win-win. As I was pinning things for her party, I started seeing recipes and craft projects....gradually I pinned those too. Hence, our ''monster pillows'' inspired by the ''Pajama Monsters" I found pinned by a friend...
I used Pinterest to get ideas as to what to wear for our family photos; what colors coordinated and pose ideas for all of us. I don't think I used any of what I pinned {it's hard to remember and apply in the situation!} but it made me realize that as long as we were all happy, the camera would catch that...and that was most important.
Like I said, if you aren't on Pinterest, you should be. It's amazing. I try to pin things that i will actually use/do/try so while I've been on for months, I haven't really pinned that much considering. I've tried a few of the recipes (chicken bacon ranch mac & cheese, cheeseburger soup, frozen pureed banana), learned a few photo and organizational tips. It's amazing. Did I say that already??

So on to today. I'm sick...or getting sick. Woke up with a sore back, headache, sore throat and that general blah feeling. My ears feel like there is fluid in them and sufficed to say, I didn't want to even leave the house today. So this afternoon, I was checking my usual ''YAY it's nap-time!" things {email, facebook, blog list and pinterest} I was reminded of a project that I had pinned weeks ago. I didn't forget it because it wasn't that important, it was just that life got in the way and I didn't have time to get my sewing machine out. And it was something I needed to make. So it's naptime, it's quiet and I figured better now than never.

What did I make? Why a Bapron (baby apron) or two,
And Sissy using one of hers....

It's a tutorial that I pinned from Craftiness is not optional, and I love it! Sissy has been yanking bibs off for months now. She'll yank til the velcro comes undone, then throw it to the dog. So this is perfect. There are arm holes to slip it on, then you knot it in the back. It's nice and big, when she sits it comes down past her waistline, keeping her pants clean too!
Please excuse the horrible lighting, it's dark by dinnertime now...Flash=crappy pics
The best part is how quick they are to whip up! I made two in about an hour...and I had to make the brown bias tape. Everything I needed, I had on hand. This one was made from leftover nursery bedding fabric, the other is a cupcake fabric with leftover store bought, double fold white bias tape. Both are backed in flannel for absorbency. Though I would love to make one in oil cloth or laminated easy to wipe down. They really are perfect and Sissy doesn't even realize it is a bib. She didn't fight me putting it on or try to take it off while eating. I think because I slip it on her arms, she thinks she's getting dressed and just leaves it alone. Total bonus! The barpon...who knew right!? Thanks Pinterest!

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