Sunday, November 20, 2011

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really 
really really wanna zigazig ha"

Ahem. Now that I have that out of my system (and stuck in your head, ha!) I have been thinking that this year I have seen more stuff out there that I would want for Christmas than ever before {well since become an adult/mom}. Ironic since I will be spending this Christmas is Italy! It's like ''geez lady, isn't that enough?" and it is. I am ecstatic actually. But my point is, it seems like every year there isn't that one thing that I just have to have. I mean, sure I come up with something when prompted or asked but usually it's a last minute ''oooh that'd be nice!" like a Starbucks gift card or something practical like a new knife block, a bedding set, etc. But this year, I have an entire list of stuff that is just for Shannon, not mom-ish or house-wifey but just stuff I would want. Now granted, I know beyond a doubt I won't get most if any of it and that's perfectly fine. It's just funny the way life works out. 

This is the first year since B and I got married that we have made a ''no gifts for each other'' rule. With moving it's just too much. Too much logistics, takes too much time and planning and too much to fit in our luggage. Our gift to each other is this move. It is taking advantage of getting to live in Europe. It's taking day trips to Venice and weekend mini-vacays to Switzerland or Germany. And that is more than enough, more than I could have ever imagined. I mean, I've never even been to LA or NYC and they are in the continental United States. 

But besides all of that, in no particular order, here is my list for Santa. If all else, use as a gift giving guide :)

1. Jo Totes camera bag:
Seriously how cute yet functional is this camera bag? So much better than the gray and black Wal-Mart one that you know, looks like a camera bag, that I bought four years ago for maybe $15. This is adorable. And while trekking all over Italy, adorable and functional are necessities. Well, to me they are. Or should be.

And speaking of cute yet functional....number 2 on my fantasy list:
Grey UGG Classic Cardy Boots- I know, I're thinking really Shannon? Uggs?? But if you haven't seen these in person, you should. They are gorgeous. So soft and warm, perfect for pulling up over some skinny jeans and while not AT ALL practical in South Texas (despite the gobs of people wearing them) they are completely practical for Italy. It's gets cold there. In fact, we'll be just south of the Dolomites (thats a mountain range folks). You can see them from the hotel on post. If that isn't boot weather/location, I don't know what is! *and they are much cheaper than that several places online...which is even better*.

On to number three...I don't know that I ever blogged about my Keurig but I love it. I'm using the word love. I've drank espresso Starbucks drinks for awhile. But I didn't start drinking coffee at home until after Peanut was born and then it was only when desperate. B likes his strong, dark, extra bold. I like mine not so tar-like, with cream and sugar. Maybe a bit of vanilla syrup. I drink it to wake up, sure but I like to enjoy it as well. So  we got a Keurig back in the spring and it's perfect. He gets his cup of tar, I get my French Vanilla fix. Seriously amazing. But the thing I lack is a way to store all those k-cups. We have several different boxes open so it'd be nice to have a way of storing and showing those off that is better than this system:
Yeah, that's an old utensil organizer propped up on the boxes of kcups, sorted by flavor, inside my cabinet. So...hence why I got down right giddy when I found this:
It's PERFECT right!? It holds 18 k-cups, is adorable and practical (are we noticing a theme here) and only $25. That's cheaper than the Keurig stuff you can buy in the stores. I want it. 

And last but not least, if you are any sort of crafter or blog follower of any craft blog, I know a Silhouette is secretly on your Christmas list. These things are ah-mazing. Cute and practical? Not so much. But fun and could make cute and practical things? Yes. 
The Silhouette is a digital cutting machine that connects to your computer and cuts designs and fonts with a small blade. There are tons of possibilities creating with the Silhouette - home decorating, decor, DIY projects, paper crafts, iron-on's and more. No more using an Exacto knife for freeze paper stencils...this bad boy will cut it right out. You can even make tattoos and vinyl decals for your walls or car. Totally amazing!

So that's my list. Nothing to extravagant. Everything is somewhat practical even if not truly necessary. Any the y are gifts that I can't share or use or spend on the kids...that's an improvement for me!

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