Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Peanut!

Yesterday Peanut turned three years old. I cannot even believe that my ''baby boy'' is three. Time really does fly by. He wanted a Batman cake and when asked what he wanted for presents he simply said ''TOYS!" He is such an easy kid to please. I spent the morning frosting his cake while Peanut and his siblings played with the 20+ balloons I had blown up the night before and placed all over the floor of his room.
We took him out to Red Robin for lunch, which he requested...his eyes were on the ice cream sundae.
 After Red Robin we came home, took a two hour long family nap, then woke up and played outside. By this time it hit me that I never made or even thought about dinner. Whoops! So we asked the birthday boy where he wanted to eat dinner and he said ''Taco Cabanie" so off to Taco Cabana it was. After we stuffed ourselves there, it was back home for presents and cake. Of course we called Nanaw and Papa so they could be with us via Skype:

After cake it was on to playing with his new toys. We went pretty light on the gifts this year, not just with Peanut but with all the kids. While their birthdays are a big deal and a very special day, we like to treat them special all day not just with presents. We don't want the main focus of any day to be just about gifts but rather spending time with people who love you and celebrate that you are here. He chose what was for meals, he got to be first (big deal with all these siblings, lol) and he had a lot of fun. We love you Peanut!!
(and in case I forget, you truly are a little peanut! At your 3 year check up you weighed in at 28lbs 4oz and you were 36.25 inches tall. That's the 17th percentile and 34th percentile, respectively. She said you looked great but needed to start using the potty all the time, not just when you feel like it!)

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