Sunday, November 6, 2011

13 months...

Sissy I cannot believe that you are over a year old! You're walking, heck you're RUNNING. You truly are a toddler. I love the age you are at now. So full of spunk and curiosity but still wanting mom (or Dad) close as well. You're hair is getting longer (and curlier) and you're personality is shining through as well. It amazes me that at such a young age you are already showing ''girlie'' tendencies. You love picking up your stuffed animals and dolls and giving hugs and kisses. You love Abby Caddaby and shoes. If i say "go give bubba/pooks/peanut a kiss" you grin so big and hurry over to them. At 13 months you...
  • are walking, running, dancing stopping and going without falling
  • are bending over to pick things up
  • are falling asleep without nursing immediately before...aka, having to fall asleep ''on the boob'' (yes, I am to blame for that one as I let you do it because it's easiest and I like to cuddle)
  • are a huge imitator. if your brothers start laughing, you do to. if they clap, you clap. if they stick out their tongue you better bet that your tongue is out just as fast.
  • love to dance. you have a ''so yummy'' dance that you do in your highchair if you like something we are eating
  • now say ''mama, dada, papa, ball, Lo-Lo, bite, want-that".
  • you point to things you want, shake your head yes or no, sign more, milk and all done.
  • can put your finger to your lips and mimic me saying ''shhh''
  • when asked where your head, belly, toes or teeth are you can point to them correctly
  • weigh in at 18lbs 5oz and are 29.25 inches in length (6th percentile & 38th percentile)
We had your 12 month check up a day before you turned thirteen months and the doctor was just floored by what you could do and how happy you are, even when sick. You didn't get any of your vaccines because (while mommy thought you had a cold) you had ear infections in both ears, a viral infection and needed an inhaler for wheezing. Geesh, I barely knew you were sick!  You are so tough.

Overall you are in great health. The doctor was amazed at how much you are still nursing (at least 4 times during the day for 5-10min and twice at night). She thinks it's great and said we should continue on for as long as we feel comfortable/want too. Honestly I don't you'd let me stop even if I tried and I don't mind. I like the cuddle breaks :) There is a little bit of concern regarding your weight. You are a petite little thing and while there is nothing wrong with that, she wants to keep an eye on you because at 10 months you weighed in two months rather than gaining you lost a little weight. She said it could be do to how active you are now, the fact that you are sick or you may just be a skinny little kid but regardless since you lost weight but keep growing taller, we need to try to 'fatten' you up a bit.

While I am to continue breastfeeding, she does think if I could get you to drink whole milk at meal times, it would help tremendously. I have tried before. You take a sip, take another sip, let it all run out your mouth and then throw the cup. She suggested that I sweeten it a bit with Ovaltine or syrup...the benefits of the milk outweigh the sugar. So we did that and guess what? You'll drink a little! Now granted, I fill your 8oz sippy cup with Organic Whole Milk & a bit of hersheys (no, I'm not a whole food wouldn't drink regular milk at all, even with syrup!) at breakfast and give it too you just at meals {refrigerating it between, obviously} and by dinner time you've drank almost the entire 8oz. It's not much, but it's a start.

Honestly, I almost didn't continue these monthly pics and check in's but for now, I think I'll keep doing it. I'm amazed at how much longer your hair is getting in each one :)

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