Monday, October 3, 2011


Bubba has been in kindergarten for six weeks now, man does the time fly by. We're at the end of the first six weeks and that means Parent-Teacher conferences. I'll just go ahead and say that kindergarten sure as heck isn't the same as I remember. Gone are the days of 1/2 day kindergarten. There is no longer nap time, it's more like what first grade was to me. Each day bubba comes home excited to tell me what he did that day. Used scissors. Got to go to PE. Checked out his first book from the library. Had pizza for lunch! But never did he mention ''oh yeah, I learned how to read''. So imagine my surprise when 2 nights ago I'm reading some bedtime books (in this case the ''pigeon'' books) when Bubba says ''Hey, those are sparkle words....'to' 'do' 'the'...." and points out a bunch of words on the pages. I was kinda floored, up until this point he noticed words like his name, family members names, "Lightning McQueen", car...mainly words that interested him or words he saw frequently. I had no clue he was learning sight words.

Now that it's the end of the first six weeks, he will now come home each day with homework. Every Monday he's sent home with a homework folder and on Friday it's due back. Today's assignment was to write the words ''you'' and ''see'' ten times each, then find those words in books/magazines (in our case, the iPad) and use them in a sentence. '' see me!!" I was SO proud of him as I watched him write the words over and over. He did so good too! Such concentration.
He really is just growing up! He even knew how to write the date without being prompted. At age 5!

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