Sunday, October 9, 2011

Easy Halloween Costumes

With all the hectic-ness that is my life right now, we're going for super easy Halloween costumes this year. And by super easy I mean "cheap/free and no hassle''. On October 31st, we'll actually be driving back from Kansas (only 5 more days left until we head home!) and the kids won't get to go trick or treating. Hence the main reason why I'm not shelling out the time and/or money for "real" costumes. Secondly, they have so many dress up toys at home, that this was too easy:
And Sissy's was just as simple...
Part of me feels really guilty because I usually go all out for Halloween. Themed costumes, hand-made, I mean something a bit more thoughtful than this but you know what? The older boys are ECSTATIC to be ''home depot'' guys and Peanut chose to be a Conductor all on his own when we found the overalls (in the garage, inside a tote...forgot I even had those!). Sissy will either be an OU cheerleader or a chicken, just depends on the weather. Her chicken costume is Bubba's old costume but pretty stinking adorable.
She may not agree though. Those pants were ticking her off pretty fierce.

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