Sunday, September 25, 2011

A dinner date...

has a whole different meaning when you go with the kiddos instead of the hubs. B is working late every.single.night until the end of the fiscal year so some nights, it's just easier to grab something than it is to try to cook with four helpers. So earlier this week we made an impulse stop for dinner at Firehouse Subs. It was a first for us. While I love sub sandwiches, I despise Subway and Quiznos. There isn't a Mr. Goodcent's in these parts so I've just made do without.

Firehouse, while not as good as Goodcents, fills that void.
The subs were pretty good. There was meat and not just 5lbs of lettuce. The bread was fresh. While the sandwiches didn't totally overwhelm me, the atmosphere was perfect. The inside was total Firehouse motif. The kids were each given a free hat and received Oreos after finishing their meal. I think they each had a favorite part:

 Bubba and pooks both loved the free hat(s).
 Peanut was all about the GIANT pickle spears...he ate two!
 And what was Sissy's favorite part? I mean really what does a sandwich shop have to offer a one year old? How about an Oreo....
Well if that isn't a look of approval, I'm not sure what is!
 Overall, two thumbs up! I felt like we spent more money than we would have at Mr.Goodcents and received less food but if I didn't hold Goodcents on such a pedestal, I'm sure I would have LOVED Firehouse. So if you have one near you, you should check it out. Guarantee the kids will love it!

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