Sunday, September 4, 2011

11 Months...the countdown begins...

 In just 30 days, Sissy you will be one year old! That is crazy that you are already so big! It was almost impossible to even take your ''monthly pic'' this morning because you are just so "go-go-go" all of the time. You are a huge happy ball of energy. What are you like at 11 months? So glad you asked...

At ELEVEN months old you:

-have SIX teeth! Four are completely down and pearly white, the other two incisors are through the gums. Since all these teeth have arrived, you are finally sleeping better.
-typically go to bed around 8pm, sleep until 1am, wake up to nurse, go back to bed til 5 or 6am when you nurse again.
-you still wear a size 4 diaper, 6-12mos clothes and 18month leggings/stretchy pants.
-you have recently began ripping out any hairbow/headband that we place in your hair. In order for you to keep it in, you have to be greatly distracted as I clip it, then you forget about it being there at all. 
-you can now wave, clap your hands, play peek-a-boo (see pic above), give kisses and just started to blow kisses.
-you are talking more! you say: hi, bye, mama, dada, whoa, and uh-oh
-you are still pretty shy/bashful to people you don't know. now if they are giving you food, you seem to like them just a tiny bit more.
-you are still cruising furniture but show no signs of walking on your own just yet. you go hands free for a bit but then reach back for the wall, furniture, person, etc.
-rarely sit in your highchair, we typically have you eat in your booster seat up at the table with us.
 You are most certainly, you. With your own unique personality, likes/dislikes and temper. You seem to have grown up WAY too fast, but we're loving every minute of having you in our lives. We love you sissy!

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