Monday, August 1, 2011

Nobody puts Baby in a corner

Except well, Baby.
See, this Baby is very, very mobile. She's all over the house! Playing in the kitchen seems to be her favorite though. All the open space combined with opening the pantry door, cabinet doors, pulling out tupperware and chewing on the occasional found crayon (all while keeping an eye out for an open refrigerator door) tops the list. And you may notice something in her mouth in these pics...
  Yeah, that would be her new favorite toy. You know, an empty Mylicon bottle with the squishy top.
Sissy doesn't take a bottle or a pacifier. She doesn't really teethe on anything (despite the numerous teething devices we have purchased) other than randomly on her Sophie Giraffe and this medicine bottle. The medicine bottle is her favorite. In fact, she crawls around the entire house, chewing/knawing and occasionally sucking on this bottle.
Sure allowing her to 'play' with medicine probably isn't my most stellar Mom moment but it's really the only thing that helps with her teething and keeps her quiet/content, so I guess we'll deal with the whole 'medicine isn't a toy' thing later. 
Afterall, take a look at her teeth...the two bottom ones are up and out but look at those monster top teeth getting ready to come through!
click on the pic to really see them!

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  1. GENIUS teething toy! My kids both love to play with an empty, taped up medicine bottle with uncooked rice in it. :)


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