Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hair today, gone tomorrow

Today, I took the boys to get haircuts. Since moving to TX oh, 9 months ago, they had their hair cut once at Great Clips (EPIC was horrible), once while back ''home'' in April, and once by me using the clippers at home. Honestly, their hair wasn't that long but Bubba starts school Monday and their hair was a little uneven in areas. So I decided I was gonna find a nice little local salon that we would just fall in love with and not have to worry anymore. So after driving up and down nearby streets and running into nearby salons, I decided that wasn't the best bet. First off, we live like 5 steps from a military base so everything is barber shops and military cuts..not what I really wanted. Farther down the road there were some salons but they wanted $15-$25 for a kids haircut. (And they couldn't narrow down the price until they saw the client, despite having told them he was a 5yr old boy who sits perfectly still) Seriously? Do I look like I'm paying $75 for three BOYS to get a trim? Um that would be a "hell no!". So we ended up in a outdoor shopping area that was home to Cool Cuts 4 Kids ($17.95 and up), Sharkeys Kids Cuts ($17.95 and they watch a movie during their haircut) and Supercuts. Supercuts had no wait, and they're having a sale/promotion that ALL haircuts are just $8. Ding, ding, ding....we have a winner!

There were two stylists, each started at the same time so Bubba and Pooks went first while Peanut sat in an empty chair and I held Sissy. Both boys' hair looks nice...a bit shorter that I intended on top, but it's even and both boys still have their sideburns (seriously great clips shaved them off!). They were finished and Peanut was up. For (what I think is the first time) Peanut sat in the chair all by himself. He did wonderful! No squirming, laughing...nothing. He sat so still and I swear his cut took half the time as the older boys. So we were in and out in under 1/2 an hour and it was $24 for THREE kid's haircuts. I highly recommend Supercuts to my other local mommies that may be reading this...they weren't overly friendly but they were quick and patient. We went at 11:15am and each stylist was finishing up with someone, with the waiting area empty. They don't have suckers though, so luckily I had thought to bring my own just in case. Overall, 2 thumbs up!

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