Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten...{pt 1}

 Well, the hard part is over with! This morning I dropped Bubba off for his first day of kindergarten. The morning went off without a hitch, though none of the kids were happy about waking up so early. In fact, Pooks' exact words upon waking and walking in to the living room? "Why did you wake us up when it's still night time?" Yeah, it was almost 6:30am. They were in bed by 8pm last night, but maybe now they'll listen when we say it's time to settle down and sleep?
 Bubba was not thrilled about eating breakfast so early. He just wasn't hungry and I think he was a bit nervous, he wouldn't admit that of course but he said his tummy hurt. After not eating breakfast, he got himself dressed, brushed his teeth and had me 'spike up' his hair. He was ready to go! We did the obligatory pictures before leaving...
 Then we drove to the school. Had to park quite a ways a way and walk him up and into his classroom. The first 3 days we're allowed to walk him into his room, after that it's drop off lane. He did extremely well. I could see the water building up in his eyes when we said bye, but he didn't cry. Which was quite the feat since 2 other little kids were bawling. Several had been crying {especially the ones who rode the bus!} so all in all, he did great. He gave us all hugs and kisses and sat down to play with his playdoh.
The hardest part was his siblings. Peanut refused to leave. In fact he sat down in a chair and when I asked him to move, he said "No!" I pointed out that the sign said it was Iliana's seat..he said ''No!" and when I reminded him that he would get to go when he was five, he said ''I AM FIVE!" I'm five now!". There were tears and crying (from him) and I had to carry him out. As we left the classroom, I looked back and saw Bubba wiping his eyes :( I know he was SO excited but I think the other kids crying freaked him out a bit. He didn't see me and I know he's fine but it was so hard not running back and giving him another hug.

So we left the school, dropped B off at home to get his truck and head on to work, then I took the littles to McDonald's. They shared a ''Big Breakfast Platter" watched the Disney channel (a real treat since we don't have cable...they were so excited for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!) and played in the play place.
 I think having that ''special'' moment with me helped Pooks and Peanut, they were thrilled as I have never let them play in a McDonald's play, ever. (Usually they are gross and smell like feet and it makes me gag when I see other kids running through the structure with food in their hands) But this McD's was really big, clean and the playscape was HUGE.

Overall, part one is a success! Part two will be picking him up and seeing how he liked it...


  1. His shoes are really cute! He did a great job designing them. I hope he had a good first day of kindergarten!
    I am worried about how Mia is going to react when I drop Addie off at preschool next week...we may be making a special trip to McDonalds as well!

  2. Im tearing up just reading this!! I am DREADING this day!! Aiden moved to the 3yr old room today at "school" and I shed a few tears then... Im going to be a mess the first day of kindergarten!!

    Can't wait to hear about part 2 and how he liked it!!!


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