Thursday, August 11, 2011


Okay, here is the thing. I have four, seriously FOUR blog posts that are half written but then I get distracted/busy/summoned and never get back to finishing them, then they sit here in blog limbo never getting published. Then later I think I have a minute, so I type some more and then again I get called away and now it's been over a week without a post and things are actually happening. So, since this is a blog for my kids and to keep track of their milestones and day to day doings, Imma sum it up right here, right now:


Every day we have something to do, someone to meet or somewhere to be. Doctor's visits, back to school shopping, potty training, teeth-cutting, play dates, grocery shopping...the list quite literally goes on and on. And keep in mind that we're doing all this when it's 105 flippin' degrees out. When you add all those activities into my daily responsibilities such as feeding the four children, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, making dinner, etc...well blog time is out the window.

Let's see, I haven't blogged since August 4th. Today is the 11th. In that week's time, Peanut is now fully potty trained. He wears a diaper at nap time and bedtime but usually they are dry when he wakes. He's perfected going potty, though we need to work on getting to the bathroom in time for his "number 2's". This makes mommy and daddy VERY happy! It's not that he's a "late" trainer (he'll be 3 in November) it's just that he's fairly advanced in his other traits (he can count objects up to 10, knows his ABCs, has amazing reasoning skills, knows his colors and opposites, etc) so it was a shocker that this didn't come faster. Today we went to Costco and HEB with him in his undies (no pullup) and he did great!
Sissy now has FIVE teeth with number six on it's way. She is a hot mess, sleeping awful and is fussy much of the day. That's a bit of an exaggeration; she's only fussy if I'm not holding her. So if I can hold her while doing everything else, she's fine. If I set her in her highchair or on the floor, or God forbid in the shopping cart? Fugetaboutit. She lets out the most high-pitched shrill scream that you have ever heard. I really really hope that after these teeth come in, she'll be back to her normal self. When she's happy, she's really happy! Waving and ''talking'' like crazy, standing without holding on to anything, cruises the length of the couch and lets go for that split second to reach the loveseat. She's a handful but a fun one.
  Don't mind the food, she's happiest when she's eating

Pooks is, well, he's pooks. He's a ball of energy and full of his funny little sayings. "I didn't mean to hit it, I just did it on purpose." To him, purpose=accident. I straightened my hair yesterday and I overheard him telling Bubba "Mom did somethin' to her hair and she yooks yike another lady". Out of all of the boys, Pooks looks the toughest. He isn't small for his age like Bubba and Peanut, he's spot on 'normal' for height and weight. If I had to label his body type, I'd say solid. He's not fat by ANY means but he's so much bigger than his brothers. He is just literally, solid. It's ironic but he looks the toughest but emotionally, oh my gosh is that kid sensitive. If we're playing outside, he'll pick me 'flowers'. He cannot go to bed until everyone in the house gives him a kiss, including his baby Sissy. If I have to get after him for something and change my tone of voice to ''I'm serious'' oh he'll start to cry and tell me "you did hurt my fillings [feelings] and did talk mean to me" and he will not stop crying until you get down on his level, apologize and explain why you spoke to him that way. I love it, I love his empathy and that he's not afraid to show that soft side and verbalize his feelings but man, is it unexpected!
 Bubba is at that age where he's not a 'little' kid but he's not quite a 'big' kid either. He's very, very excited to start Kindergarten. He told me yesterday that he wasn't gonna cry at all. (He might not, but I sure will). He is very excited to meet his teacher, take a lunch and stay there all day. (7:30-2:30!?! for freaking kindergarten!?) He told me that he's gonna make lots of friends and get super smart.   He is ready both mentally and physically.

When Nanaw, Nana Phew Phew and Papa were here, we did the bulk of his school shopping. He has to wear Polo shirts to school so we stocked up on those and his school supply list. After they left, we started the hunt for a pair of shoes. I checked and rechecked the dress code, no stipulations on shoes as long as they weren't flip flops. Okay, we can work with that! I was intentionally frustrated at having a standardized dress code in kinder; I think that kids should be able to express themselves and their creativity, and at 5 years old, a lot of that personality comes from their clothes. So after looking around the Converse website, we discovered that you can design your own shoe.{Here is where it's important for me to mention, my boys only ever wear Converse shoes. I'm not sure why, B and I don't wear them but every time we have to buy a boy shoes, they want those. Connor said it all when we were looking at shoes and I was saying ''Oh, how about this one?" and he replied " I only yike shoes with da star on them!"}  HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT? So instead of paying $35 and getting a black pair at the BX, we paid $45 and Bubba designed his own. I mean he sat here at the computer and told me which color/patter he wanted and where. This is what he came up with:
 I love them and I cannot wait to see (and of course blog) about what they really look like when they get here. We ordered them about 2 weeks ago and I am eagerly awaiting an email containing shipping info.

Just for reference, it took me 2+ hours from start to finish to write this post. I kept tally and was interrupted three times by text messages, once by a phone call, twice by someone needing to potty, three separate times with a ''mom I need to tell you something" and once to breastfeed. Did I mention that I wrote this post during naptime!? No joke! If it seems scattered and all over the place, it's because I am scattered and

And I wouldn't have it any other way ♥

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