Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8 days later...

and Bubba likes school! Kindergarten is super fun. He gets to be on the computer, he gets to paint and go to the library that's IN his school. He likes recess and the jungle gym. He doesn't like how the all the big kids take the swings. And he doesn't like some boy who pinched him one time. But he likes learning and drawing and listening to Mrs. S.

Overall, he's doing very well. Mornings are still a bit slow and whiny but once we're out the door he's fine. By about 6pm he's pretty much exhausted. This whole ''all day kindergarten with no nap'' must be tiring because he is Mr. Moody in the evenings.

His siblings have adjusted well. Sissy never seemed to notice he was gone but gets down right giddy when we pick him up. I mean giggling and kicking her legs like she hasn't seen him in months. Pooks and Peanut are doing okay. Bubba was more of a ringleader than I thought. It seems like I hear ''I don't know what to play" or "there's nothing to do" a few times each day. I just prompt them ("How about we get out the playdoh?") and they do just fine. Overall, it's a success. Next week we have Back to School night and Auntie Michelle visits then too. Bubba is very excited to show her his BIG school :)

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