Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 months old, already?!

Sissy, I can barely believe it! Today you are into double-digits in your monthly age. 10 whole months! At this stage, right now you:

-have 2 teeth, with THREE upper teeth on their way (I can see the whites)
-wear a size 4 diaper, 12 month onesies and dresses and 6-12 month shoes
-have started cruising furniture and walls. It's the oddest thing to see you crawl over to the wall, push yourself up to standing and then walk along the wall.
-have dropped your morning nap; you take one maybe twice a week
-say ''mama, dada, hi, papa and nana". Other than "hi" you don't seem to direct them or use them correctly...yet :)
-put every.single.thing in your mouth. tiny pieces of paper? a hair? dog food? yep, yep and yep. 
- have long enough hair to wear teeny-tiny bows without any headbands. lately I've been pulling it back because otherwise, the front is long enough that it almost touches your eyebrows while the back hasn't seemed to grow at all.
-when asked to say "Cheese!" you do a big 'ol goofy smile.
-eat dry cereal (usually fruity Cheerios) and yogurt melts for breakfast, everyday. If we don't give you that, you throw what we do give you onto the floor.
-are still actively nursing and show no signs of stopping. During the day you nurse when you wake up, after breakfast, after lunch/before nap,after nap and again before dinner, at bedtime and twice during the night. Yeah, it's a bit excessive for a 10 month old but it works for us. While nursing my endometriosis is controlled so it's win-win.
-have a really bad temper. I mean if you want something and someone gets in your way, you your displeasure. Usually with shrill screaming and fake crying and you started balling your fists during your tantrums.
I have to say that this age, is my most favorite ''baby age''. You are a ball of curiosity, daring enough to try anything and amazed at your discoveries. You love doing something and hearing us say ''uh-oh". You are going through a stranger anxiety phase and only want mommy. You snuggle into my shoulder and give anyone else a tiny little coy look. I just love you so much Sissy and I'm thrilled to watch your grow!

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  1. I can't believe how fast she and C are growing. She is so adorable and full of personality it sounds like. :) Isn't it fun to see the differences in boys and girls? That is one thing I have enjoyed discovering between C and E.


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