Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm game...

My gal pal Lindsay was doing this survey over on her blog, Coffee & Wine and I decided, I'm up for it. Lately every post is about the kids so why not something about/for me?

Using only one word, answer the following questions. Interpret freely.

1) Your cell phone? necessity
2) Your hair? crazy
3) Your mother? funny

4) Your father? technical
5) Your favorite thing? laughter
6) Your dream last night? boring
7) Your favorite drink? dr. pepper
8) Your dream/goal? done :)
9) What room are you in? kitchen
10) Your hobby? crafting
11) Your biggest fear? clowns
12) Where were you last night? home
13) Something that you're not? single, ha!
14) Muffins? banana
15) Wish list item? debt-free
16) Last thing you did? diaper change
17) What are you wearing? sweats
18) Friends? need
Love? Family
20) Drinking? yep
Your mood? tired
22) Your car? HATE
23) Your style? frugal
24) Something you're not wearing? shoes
25) Your favorite store? target
26) Your Favorite Color? orange
27) Your favorite place to eat? Taco Cabana
28) Favorite place you would like to be right now? beach
29) Your pet peeve? abrasive people
30) Your favorite website? facebook

Thanks Lindsay, that was fun. Fellow bloggers...pass it on ;)

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