Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July means...

Today Sissy is 9 months old! (Oh yeah...and it's Independence Day but more on that later). Nine months. It hardly seems possible. In just 3 months Sissy will be a whole year old! So here she is in all her NINE month glory:
What? Like your baby doesn't like to hang upside down whenever possible?'s just my baby that does? Who would have thunk it? But tis true...Sissy loves to be upside down. At any given time when you are holding her, she may throw her entire body backward and let out a squeal as she looks at her upside down world. In fact, getting a ''good'' nine month pic was almost impossible:
When you take a mobile, teething, active, determined baby and  try to make her sit next to a stuffed bear and a sign...well it doesn't always go smoothly. But nonetheless, at the nine months old Sissy:

-is able to pull herself up using an object, stand, then sit back down again
-has one tooth!
-weighs in at 17lbs 7oz and is 27.5 inches in length (25th% for weight, 48th% for height)
-is still wearing size 9-12mos clothes, size 4 diapers and no shoes
-has hair that is finally growing! She doesn't tolerate the crocheted headbands very well but doesn't mind hairbows
-eats anything and everything except babyfood. Favorites are diced watermelon, mango, carrots, grilled chicken and mac & cheese. She eats everything though!
-loves playing with her brothers. She follows them all over the house, pushes their little cars, pulls herself up and plays with the toy kitchen, chews on books and generally pesters them :)
- goes absolutely crazy when placed in a Johnny-Jump Up!
- loves bathtime.
- is still nursing all.the.time. Wakes 2-3 times during the night to nurse but doesn't even fully wake up to do so. She's growing & teething and I'm handling it okay so for now, we'll carry on. (Plus she's our last baby so it's bittersweet and tolerable)
-loves to Skype with Nanaw and Papa!

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