Thursday, June 2, 2011

Self-feeding and slurping through a straw

Yep, another video of Miss Sweetcheeks....she will be 8 months old in a few days but has already mastered her pincher grasp and drinking through a straw. Now, this is mildly ironic since I couldn't even get her to eat baby food pureed until she was 7 months old. Sissy won't take a sippy cup, a bottle or even a pacifier but she loves to drink water from her straw cups. I giggled when I bought them because they are "Stage 4" cups for kids over the age of two. Just further proof that she will do what she wants, when she wants!

YouTube Video

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  1. Jack wasn't a fan of pureed baby food either. At his 6 month check up we were told that we could move straight to table food since there "is nothing magical about baby food--it's just mushed up food" (a direct quote from our NP who we LOVE). So we did and he has done great! When I was trying to feed him baby food it was this huge headache because he either refused to eat it or would grab the spoon constantly. It was so much easier just to give him whatever we were eating (in baby size pieces of course) and let him feed himself. He seems to enjoy meal time so much more now too. :)
    And I totally giggled as well when I bought Jack's straw cup when I saw the "stage" it was! I had no idea! The girls were using those kind of cups before their first birthday too so I thought nothing of it. I like the ones that flip close--so much more convenient in the diaper bag then regular sippy cups!

  2. She is growing up so fast!! So adorable :)


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