Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A note to my children

Mommy loves all four of you very much. You are very close in age and keep mommy and daddy very, very busy especially when you are sick. Last Thursday Sissy was pulling on her ears and I took her to the doctor (she weighed 16lbs15oz by the way) but she checked out fine, just a Cold. However when we returned home, pookie you had a fever of 103 degrees and wanted to do nothing but lay down. You didn't even eat dinner! Then Friday sissy had a fever. Then Saturday sissy and bubba had fevers, then Sunday mommy, bubba and peanut had fevers. The only other symptoms were a headache with chills and tiredness thrown in. But Sunday and Monday, mommy and and Ryan both were throwing up. Now it's tuesday and you are all better, hooray! But mommy is not. Mommy had a very, very bad migraine today and you all were very, very loud! I think it was triggered by lack of sleep and a surplus of stress! Because i am still nursing sissy, i can't take anything much stronger than Tylenol. You made it impossible to rest and I instantly thought of nanaw who suffered from migraines a lot when uncle Matt and I were little. We also, failed at being quiet.

Today I realized I was getting a dose of karma. Now I'm blogging about it so one day, when you all have a super bad headache (I am in no way wishing one on you, but I'm sure it will inevitably happen) and your children will not settle down, you will feel as guilty as did today.

I am glad you are all feeling better, and I love you but please let's try not to share all of our germs with each other for a very long time!

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  1. Oh no, I hope everything goes back to normal and you're all well and healthy agin!! Charlotte;)


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