Saturday, June 18, 2011

My little "Fixer Uppers"

Today we trekked on over to the Home Depot and took the boys to their first ever ''Kids Workshop". Originally B was going to take them as a Father-Sons thing but I wanted pics so I tagged along and ended up helping. It's actually a good thing I went because 3 excited boys with hammers everywhere...well, it could have ended up not so pretty. They had a blast! Each made their very own toolbox. And looked so cute decked in their orange aprons. They even earned ''achievement'' pins. The aprons are theirs to keep so they can take them with next time. Too cute! Thanks Home Depot!
Pooks was a little too enthusiastic with his hammer...
Bubba is naturally cautious and did great with his hammer.
Peanut was more than satisfied letting daddy help him.
"I'm sanded mom."
Pooks was the first finished and was proud to show his off
Telling the employee "thank you"

 I love my boys!

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