Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I feel like there's a monkey on my back

Oh wait, there sorta is.

Sissy is teething and is very clingy...she won't let me put her down for anything. Yesterday was especially difficult because about once a week B takes the van to work and it's our day to stay home; this way he enjoys the "luxury" the swagger wagon offers in comparison to his old pick up and I get things done around here. So I was busy cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, the floors, doing laundry, and attempting to cook dinner. By 3:30 I couldn't handle sissy's whining and how she was crawling after me. So despite my horribly red sunburn, I popped her in my carrier and set to work on the kitchen and making dinner. She promptly fell asleep after this photo and I wore her for two hours before her daddy "rescued" me. I love baby wearing but baby wearing with a sunburn..ouch!

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