Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This last weekend was a whirlwind. We returned back to Kansas (made the 12.5hr drive in 14hrs stopping only 3 times!) to attend Great Great Grandma's viewing & funeral and mostly to just be with family during this time. We left Texas at 9am Friday morning, got to Nanaw and Papa's house by 11pm that night, spent Saturday in our little town. Went out to lunch, to JC Penney's, then back home. For a Mother's Day gift, I took Nanaw up to get a pedicure then we went back home where Papa grilled chicken, Nanaw fixed up some sides and we had dinner.

Sunday we got up early and headed to Nanaw Phew-Phew's house. We spent the morning and early afternoon there, then headed to the funeral home for the viewing. We were able to stay a little over an hour before the boys just couldn't contain all their boyish energy, so we left and went to  dinner. Then we went back to the hotel and went swimming for awhile. Sissy absolutely loved the water, but I didn't take my camera...so no pictures. Trust me though, out of all four kids she was the only one who enjoyed the water. My little fish :)

Monday morning we had the funeral, followed by the graveside service, then a lunch that the church provided for us. We then went back to Nanaw Phew Phews house for a while. After visiting a bit, it was time for us to get on the road. We booked a hotel room in Oklahoma and that's where we are now, four hours later. We checked into the hotel, ordered up a pizza, had bathtime and a little tv time, put the kids to bed and finally relaxing. My head is spinning, my sinuses hurt and I'm ready for bed but my three boys are apparently, wide awake. At 10pm. Awesome.

So tomorrow our goal is to be up, packed and downstairs eating breakfast by 8am. On the road shortly after that and by then we're only a mere 7 hours and 28 minutes from home. The plan is to hopefully drive 3 hours, take a break for lunch, drive three more hours, stop at Ikea, shop and snack, then drive that last hour and a half home. We should be home by 8pm tomorrow night and ideally B should be plenty rested for work on Wednesday.

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