Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Love You Grandma!

Two weeks ago I shared pictures from Great Grandma's 100th birthday. Yesterday morning, Grandma went "home" to heaven. She had a wonderful, long life and she was ready. She's been saying for years that she was ready. I guess all the excitement of living for so long has it's ups and downs. I know it was especially hard on her when she had to witness deaths of her own children, grandchildren and even one great-great grandchild. I remember her saying that it just wasn't fair that she was getting older and they died too young. She did enjoy her grandkids/great grandkids and great-great grandkids though! I wanted to share this video from her birthday a couple of years ago...she was singing to the boys :) I am so grateful that B caught it on camera, even if it was just his cell phone.

We love you grandma! I know you're in Heaven smiling down on us and keeping a watchful eye. Can't wait to see you again, someday. {I think it'd be pretty cool to meet my great great grandkids and seeing how grandma had just celebrated her 100th birthday and my Grandma Great is 96 years old the odds might just be in my favor!}

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