Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seven months

Tada! Today is the 4th and Sissy is now SEVEN months old...geez where does the time go? Other than the week long cough/runny nose, she's doing well. Crawling Seriously. Set her down in the living room and next thing you know you're hearing ''Sissy's in our room" or "Sissy has my car" or "Sissy is trying to get the dog food". 
She is finally starting to eat baby food. So far she has tried rice cereal {she hated it and gagged it out}, baby oatmeal, bananas, pears {tolerates all}, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples {enjoys all three}, avocados {hates and gags}, and mangoes {which she absolutely loves}. I've also pureed peas and froze those but she has yet to try them. She doesn't seem to like hardly anything but she is cutting teeth as well. They are right under the gumline, I can see them but they haven't quite busted though just yet. 

At seven months Sissy is:
  • wearing mostly 9mos and 12mos clothing, though most of her dresses are size 6-12mos
  • finally getting in more hair! it's uneven and varying in length causing me to side sweep most of it to the side. She always wears a bow/flower/headband when we leave the house because otherwise {despite the pink} people assumed I have four boys. 
  • is wearing size 4 diapers now (the same as Peanut)
  • starting to talk more. She's saying ''yeah...yeah...yeah" really working on those ''ah'' sounds. twice i think I've heard her say "da" but i'm choosing to ignore that i hear it. she also says "ooh".
  • sits up all by herself. Goes from crawling, stops, pushes back and sits.
  • is going through major separation anxiety. if I leave the room she cries, even if B is holding her!
  • plays peek-a-boo {she holds burp rags up and blocks her eyes and just grins until someone says ''Where's Maggie?" when she pulls it down and laughs
  • still won't take a bottle, pacifier or suck her thumb. she does play with her sippy cup and gets tiny sips of water but doesn't seem eager to drink from it
She's teething, can you tell?

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  1. Oh WOW, how time fly's!! She is looking so big and cuter than ever!! Happy 7 Months Miss Maggie!! Charlotte;)


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