Thursday, April 21, 2011

This little piggy

I have four kids whom I absolutely love dearly, with my whole heart. Even when I don't like them {or their behavior, to be more specific} I love them. I love the sloppy kisses, the big bear hugs. I like singing little nursery rhymes and the classic kiddie songs, seeing how excited they get when you reach the tickling part of  "Pat-a-cake" or "This little piggy". The squeal of surprise they let out when you uncover your face and say ''Peekaboo". Up until now, I've always enjoyed playing these little games with my three sons. All three have their daddy's feet. "Monkey feet" is what we call them. They all have thick fat feet with long knobby toes and jagged little toe nails.

But not our baby girl. 

She has petite little feet with tiny little sausage link toes. Definitely not long and knobby. Her nails are teeny tiny. Since she was born 6.5months ago we have never even had to cut her toenails. They are still teeny tiny but the fun part? They're now pink. *SQUEE!*
Now I realize that some people *cough*like B*cough* may think that painting a babies toe nails is a bit over the top. And I'll give you that, it is. I can admit it. It didn't stop me from doing it though, so HA! {or having a friend do it}. Just like the hairbows, the bracelet and sparkly shoes, it isn't permanent and it's just for fun. 9 times out of 10 she doesn't wear shoes so it's just a cuteness factor. And she loves them. She grabs her feet and just stares at those tiny sparkly nails. (By the way, we used a completely baby/kid safe, non-toxic polish that you can find here:
And the super best part? Every single time I see those tiny pink toe nails, I am reminded of my Grandma Virginia.She passed away 6 years ago this month, but she was a total girly-girl and also, a bit over the top. . In fact, my Grandma used to paint the tiny little toe nails of her dachshund, Jazzy. And, get this, usually her nails matched my Grandma's. So I know that she is smiling down on Sissy and her polished piggies and that is a good enough justification for me.


  1. I totally understand!! I love painting my baby cousins toe nails and sometimes her finger nails as well although I usually take it of after just a short amount of time!! Its just to cute!!! Charlotte;)

  2. Her little painted toes are TO DIE FOR! :)

  3. My sweet Grand Daughter-
    Loved the toes on your blog ( made me want to cry) and your G-M Gin I know she saw it.
    Love you very much.
    Papa Barry


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