Friday, April 29, 2011

Slightly overdue

But, I finally got the Easter photos off of my camera and on to the computer.On Sunday morning the kids woke up at 7:22am, ran to our bedroom and proceeded to shake B and I while yelling "the Easter bunny cam, the Easter bunny came". Luckily for us, that Easter bunny is pretty smart and put the filled baskets out of reach to the little hands. Otherwise, I know they would have dove right in without us!
 Much like his Mama as a child, Bubba carefully lays everything out to survey what he got!
 Peanut and Pooks however, dive right in to eating chocolate
 Sissy was a bit surprised, not sure what to do! But luckily, Peanut helped her out!
"She got spoons?"

Happy baby girl!

After baskets, I started on lunch while the boys watched there new movies {Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Madagascar 2). While the ham was in the oven, we had an Easter egg hunt with our friends from next door. They daughter, A, is Peanuts age and has been carrying her basket around for over a week!
Bubba was ''leaving the easy ones for the yittle kids"
However, being a yittle kid himself, Peanut still found the trickier ones.
Pooks so excited that he was doing his ''one legged dance''...will have to post video soon!
Overall the kids had a blast. Maybe next year I'll actually have the courage to let them try to dye eggs?! Then again...maybe not!

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  1. Oh wow, looked like you had a wonderful Easter!! Charlotte;)


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