Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Half-Birthday Sweetcheeks!

Six months ago at this time, I was holding a brand new baby girl. A baby girl who completed our family. Who had that sweet newborn smell, who made those adorable little newborn sighs.
And tonight? Well I just finished nursing that little girl who is not quite so little. A girl who just started crawling Saturday. Who tried a Biter Biscuit for the first time yesterday. A little girl who is now awake, alert and sitting up. A little girl who is now putting absolutely everything in her mouth, except for baby food. 
Yep, my sweet little daughter is officially six months old. Half of a year. It's amazing how much time flies! At six months you are:
  • going to bed much later! Usually around 9:30pm. You tend to sleep til 4am, then you nurse and go back to bed until 8am {or whenever your brother wakes you up}
  • refusing baby food. You still thrust pureed food out with your tongue. You show all the signs of being ready for solids {sitting up, grabbing at spoons, waking at night when you were sleeping through, doubled birth weight, etc} but you aren't there just yet. However, you are all for chewing on things so we may skip purees and make a gradual shift to table foods
  • now wearing 9mos sleepers {you couldn't straighten your legs out in the 6mos ones}, some 6-12 mos dresses and you are still in size 3 diapers
  • you are actively rolling both ways, inch-worm lunging/crawling and you love sitting up. We have to sit you up, but then you stay sitting up all on your own.
  • no longer suck your thumb or take a pacifier. You only cry if you are really hungry or every.single.time I leave the room. You are a bit of a Mommy's girl {not that I'm complaining!}
  • you love it when anyone plays peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake, you squeal and giggle like crazy!
Tomorrow I take you in for your six-month well child check up, so we'll soon know just how big you are! My guess would be 16lbs. Then on Friday we are traveling back 'home' for a visit....12 hours in the care should be pretty interesting!


  1. Wow she has grown up so fast!! I love all the very cute outfits and headbands!! I can't wait until l have kids so I can dress them up like Maggie!! I hope everything goes well on the loooong car trip!! Charlotte;)

  2. I just came across this website and thought it may be useful with Miss Maggie!! I know you have 3 other children and probably already know this or what works and what doesn't but I just thought that it couldn't hurt to let you know about it! I hope she starts eating soon and if she already is just ignore this!! Charlotte;)


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