Monday, March 21, 2011


What a busy last few days we have had! Nanaw and Papa arrived on Wednesday night, I think it was almost 8pm. The kids were, to say the very least, excited!
So Wednesday night, we didn't go anywhere. Just hung out at the house, the kids stayed up til well after 10pm and we just enjoyed having Nanaw and Papa here.
Thursday we went to Sea World.
Got there before noon and didn't leave until almost 7. We caught the Azul show, the dolphin feeding and of course, Shamu!
Thursday night, we feasted on Taco Cabana! Friday we took them out to lunch at a local hole in the wall that we love, then we went to Central Market and finally, the Riverwalk. 
We didn't last too long down there. It was super crowded (It's Spring Break here and a Friday night), but we ended up trying a BBQ place that we had heard good things about. Needless to say, we were let down. But while there, Sissy did try babyfood for the first time. I took along Baked Sweet potato. She was also, less than impressed.
Saturday we again kinda took the morning slow, then left in time to go grab lunch. We ended up eating at Rudy's BBQ. Freaking. Delicious. We loved, loved, loved it. No pics, but it was awesome. Afterward we headed down to the Quarry. Went shopping, walked around Whole Foods, took in the sights. Then we headed home and grilled dinner. Sunday we had originally talked about just hanging around the house and doing nothing. Not going anywhere, and just celebrating Bubba's upcoming 5th birthday. Well that last til 3:30pm when we decided that we were bored and we ended up driving out to Gruene TX. It's an old historic town with antique shops, arts and crafts booths, a general store, and an old country music hall. 
We then returned to the city to go out to dinner at Red Robin (the birthday boys' choice) and returned home to open presents and eat cake. 
Now consider how much we did, how many places we went and remember that we did all of the above in four days with 8 people (four of which are UNDER the age of five!). It was a busy, busy couple of days and a lot of time in the car, but we loved it!

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  1. You are such a sweet, cute and happy family:) Love all the beautiful pictures!!


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