Friday, March 11, 2011

Kids say (and do!) the darndest things...

Like the other night when watching TV and the studio audience laughed, Pooks turned to me and said "Mom...dat guy is not laughing, that kid is not laughing...den who is laughing? Where is it coming it from? I hear it but I not see anybody laughing." So I explain that the laughing is from people who we can't see, that are watching the show as they are making it. His response? "HA HA HA they hear me laughing too!"
Today I am nursing Sissy and Peanut tells me that he needs to wash his hands. So I say okay and he heads to the bathroom. I hear water for a second, then nothing. I {foolisly} assume he's done and just assume that he's playing in his brothers' room. That is until Bubba comes running into the living room to tell me that his brother ''has soap ALL over da bathroom". So I set Sissy down and run to the bathroom. I find Peanut covered in the thick, clear Softsoap that had previously been inside the soap pump. Sticky thick soap up the sleeves of his shirt, all over the counter, all over the sink. I'm not kidding, he had pumped out the entire bottle {and it was just opened yesterday} all in the bathroom. I am stripping off his shirt, asking him why he did that? "Why did you need so much soap?" And his response? "Theres no bubbles. I need 'da bubbles''. So I exhaustively respond that you need water to make bubbles. "Oh..."

Yeah,  that was fun to clean up. Not.
This morning we were watching the local news and they were showing footage from the Tsunami that hit Japan. Bubba was asking what it was and what was happening. So I explained, and I reassured him that he didn't need to worry. We live far, far away from Japan and even farther away from the Pacific Ocean where the storm was at. I let him know that it might cause it to rain here but it wouldn't be that much rain and reassured him that since our city didn't have an ocean, we wouldn't have to worry. He asked a couple questions (were those cars in the water? did it knock down those trees?) and I answered those. I let him know that even though it was really really bad now, that it would get better. It would take awhile but the people living in Japan and even people from here, would help clean up Japan and get it back to normal. He seemed satisfied and walked away. Fast forward to tonight before bed...."Mom, did they get Japan cleaned up?" So I explain that it takes a lot longer than one day to get it cleaned up. That it takes a long time and that they would probably have most of it cleaned up by the time he turns six. "Dat's a loooong time away. Why they not just ask Kung Fu Panda to help?"

Oh how the mind of an almost five year old works!
Yesterday I was on the phone with Nanaw, but telling Bubba to stop running or else he would start wheezing {he's been dealing with allergies the last week or so}. I asked him if he needed a breathing treatment and he said no. I start talking to Nanaw and Peanut comes up and says ''Me need beaving treatment ma." He's not. "Are you coughing?" he replies "Yeah, I coughing all the days.''

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