Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It seems to happen about once a year

That I get sick. I mean the kind of sick where it hurts to move. Being the Mom, I rarely get the break and usually just have to power through.

Yesterday and today, I have been that sick. It started out with just a congested nose, sore throat and ear pain. I was sucking down fortified juice, eating Oranges and drinking tons of water to help combat the illness. This went on for four or five days and on Sunday, I thought I was getting better. Until I woke up Monday. I just felt tired and out of it. Monday evening I could barely breathe and was plowing through tissue after tissue. My throat was killing me and because I'm breastfeeding Sweetcheeks, about the only thing I can take is Benadryl. So I popped a Benadryl and fell asleep sitting up in the recliner {it was the only way that I could breathe}. I woke up on Tuesday and felt like I had been ran over by a truck. I mean I woke up wanting to curl up into a ball and just cry. I couldn't smell anything. My entire body ached and I had a killer headache. By 10 am I had called B at work as asked if there was anyway he could come home early, so I could rest. He had a meeting, then would head home.

At 10:45am, I noticed Peanuts diaper was sagging and I plopped him down on the floor to change, what I thought was a wet diaper. Keep in mind, I can't smell anything. Imagine my surprise when I pull down his pants and #2 is seeping out the diaper, all over his sweatpants, and now all over my carpet. I was bawling. Poop is everywhere. I'm mad that it's messy. I'm mad that I had no warning. I'm made that my perfectly capable two year old isn't potty trained {simply because he doesn't want to, not because he can't}. So I clean him up, chuck his pj's in the trash, and start scrubbing the carpet. Never have I been so glad as to not be able to smell because it's at this moment when B walks in the front door, McDonalds in hand and says "Hey Boys, Daddy's home. I brought McDonald's for lunch...get up at the table."then turns to me and asks "What smells like shit?"

Yep, angel in disguise that one is! He helps me finish cleaning up. The boys start eating an early lunch and after munching on a few nuggets, I take Sissy and retire to the bedroom. We napped from 11:45am-3pm. I then slept on and off on the sofa until 11:30pm when I moved to the bedroom. B was an absolute doll and took off today too, so I was able to sleep {on and off} from 11:30pm-10am this morning. It would have been perfect had Sissy slept through the night but she is also congested and waking frequently, fussy and just miserable. Plus, I think I may be slightly dehydrated which obviously affects my milk supply so she was most likely, genuinely hungry.

Now its 1pm on Wednesday, I'm eating a bowl of soup and then, most likely, going back to bed. Luckily B has been healthy and wonderful. He's done the dishes, countless loads of laundry, entertained the boys, vacuumed and hasn't so much as complained. I can only hope that I feel better as the day goes on.

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  1. I hope you get better really soon!! At the moment just let B do all the work and be happy about that! Best wishes Charlotte;)


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