Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Roll over, as demonstrated by Miss Sweetcheeks

Step 1: Get so distracted by a toy that you end up on your side....this is optimal positioning
Step 2: Heave your arm over while simultaneously thrusting your face into the ground and grunting.
Step 3: Continue grunting; if available grab onto something to help you shift your body weight.
Step 4: Quickly look up and glare at anyone who questions your methods...
Sweetcheeks is quickly becoming a pro at rolling. If you can ignore all of the clashing colors in the above photos ('s overwhelming!), you'll see she's got it down. She's been rolling from belly to back for about a month and a few weeks ago she started rolling back to belly. It's only been within the last few days however that she seems to be intentionally doing it. Prior to this she always had the ''What the heck did I just do?" face and would start fussing/crying and needed us to flip her back over. Now she will start out on her play-mat and end up four feet away because she just rolls like a little log until she meets an obstacle and can't roll anymore. 

She doesn't yet change directions, but I've warned her big brothers to watch out and keep their toys out of her reach. Pretty soon she'll start rolling to get to things that she wants...when did my tiny baby get so big? It's almost been 5 whole months since she was born, if you can believe it!

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  1. Way to go Sweetcheecks! I love the last picture of her face when she makes it on to her tummy. Priceless :D And I love the pj's {I'm assuming they are pj's}, E has the same ones!


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