Friday, February 4, 2011

4 Months old!

Today Sissy is four months old. We snapped our bear pic first thing this morning and she wasn't really feeling it. This was the best it was gonna get but I like her sassy little smirk :)

Not only did she turn four months old today, she also had her four month well-baby check up today. We discovered that sissy is weighing in at 13lbs 4oz and measures 24.25 inches long. (That's a weight gain of almost 3 full pounds since her last check up on Dec 13!) She's right in the 50th percentile for both. Doctor thought she looked great. She does sounds congested so we are keeping her smothered in Baby Vicks and keeping the Vaporizer running day and night. She is right on track as far as her development and growth. Dr. E was floored that she is sleeping 12 hour stretches at night! I have to admit, it's a great trait :) Sissy also received her immunizations today and barely even fussed. I think she's going to be super tough {well she may have to be with these boys!}.

At four months old Sissy:
- is wearing 6mos or 6-9mos clothing. All of her 3 month clothing is too small :(
- moved up to size 3 diapers
- is sleeping 12 hours straight at night (falls asleep around 9pm and sleeps til 9 or 10 am)
- regularly giggling, laughing, and tracking with her eyes
- has found her feet! She loves to grab her feet and toes
- in now rolling over. So far only belly to back but she is so close rolling back to belly
- still will not drink from a bottle (expressed breastmilk or formula) but finally started taking a binky
- has a more distinct nap schedule, taking usually 3 a day  (10:30am-noon, 2pm-4:00ish and lastly from 5-7).

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  1. I love the 1st pic. She looks like such a little grown up :).


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