Friday, January 28, 2011

There is a first time for everything!

At just one week shy of her ''4 Month Birthday'' Sissy rolled over for the very first time today!

Well maybe it was yesterday.

She would hit a "major" baby milestone right around midnight and thus make me guess on a date for her baby book.

See I laid her down for the night on her belly (don't judge, I know they say to lay babies on their backs but I'm a rebel. What can I say.) and then I went and hopped in the shower. Afterward as I was brushing my teeth I heard her fussy cry. So I finish brushing my teeth (can you tell she's the fourth?) and head to her room where I find her laying on her back, staring up at her mobile and looking completely confused. I flip her back over onto her belly and she resumes sucking on her binky and falls right back to sleep.

It might not be a big deal to her but as her mother I can say, that she started rolling over before any of her brothers. Bubba didn't roll over until right after the 4 month mark. I remember because as a first time mom I was freaking out that at his four month well baby visit. The paper said that at 4 months he should rolling over but he wasn't rolling over. Was there something wrong with him? Was he okay? Was he going to be delayed for life?

You know, first timer worries.

Then I had Pooks who finally decided just shy of 5 months to roll over from belly to back. He had me slightly worried because he didn't roll the opposite way until NINE months old. I know people whose baby started cruising furniture at that age, lol. He was a very laid back baby.

I know that Peanut rolled for the very first time just one day shy of the four-month mark. I know because I blogged about it, ha! So now I'm doing the same with Sissy. So one day, eventually, when I finally fill out her baby book I can pull up the blog and search ''milestones'' and transfer all her firsts to her book. See then I'll look like some stellar Mom who even on her fourth baby still found time to record every last milestone in a baby book. Baby book, blog...really what's the difference? And while this has nothing to do with rolling, I'm sharing it just because she is so dang cute!
and yes, her hair really is that out of control in the back. I think she may be well on her way to growing a mullet :)


  1. You being a "rebel" means you're increasing the risk for her to have SIDS.

  2. Thank you Dr. Matt :) I know that belly sleeping has been linked to SIDS. However as a mom to four healthy kids, I know that they get better sleep on their tummy. And Dr. S suggested it with Logan because his reflux was so bad, this way when he threw up he wouldn't choke on it.

    For anyone who is curious: We do everything else to reduce the risk of sids (no soft bedding, no smoking, babies are not preemies or low weight, making sure their room is nice and cool) and I take preventative measures like breastfeeding them, using wearable blankets/sleepers and encouraging them to take a pacifier.


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