Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Appropriately enough on Sunday, B was able to take Bubba and Pooks to their very first Monster Truck show. The boys had seen the commercials and really wanted to go so after some discussion it was decided that Peanut would stay home with me and Sweetcheeks while B took the ''older'' boys. Realistically there was no way I was taking a three month old and it would have been very difficult for B to take all three boys by himself. We decided that Peanut just turned two, he wasn't really old enough and this was something special for the big boys.

They had a blast. Granted, I only have pictures but you can see how excited they were! Their seats were nosebleed at the Astrodome which was intentional; B and I figured that was best for there first show. It would be loud and sometimes, Pooks isn't as brave as he pretends to be. {Hello, he was scared of dolphins at Sea World}.
 Before the show, inside the Alamodome
 The start of the show...
 Monster Trucks!
 Bubba was too interested in the trucks, I guess!
 Standing in front of "The Tower of the Americas''
(apparently it's 87 feet taller than the Space needle)
 and looking tiny in front of the Alamodome
When they got home they were very excited to tell me all about the trucks, the popcorn, and the ear plugs...they were strangely excited about the earplugs, lol.
 All in all, a huge success!

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